Too many Smileys to choose from [16/8/05]

On Saturday there was a party for a mate of mine who is going on student exchange for six months to Milan. I was not allowed to forget this was on as he sent me two text messages during the week, confirming: 1) his address; and 2) that the event would indeed be on this Saturday (and not some other Saturday). I believe he thought there was a chance I wouldn’t show up, but of course that was never in doubt – not after he told me there would be a TV with the footy on.

It quickly became apparent that quite a few people were at his house. Relatives had been gathered from all parts and most of his wide circle of acquaintances were present. This was a birthday party as well. A pre-21st, as my mate will turn 21 after he leaves the country. My ‘Koalas Next 15 km’ mug seemed a pretty piss poor present, but I can plead ignorance. I didn’t know it was (almost) his birthday.

Naturally there were speeches from a number of people, and while I was listening a thought slowly dawned on me: “Bloody hell! Pietro’s only 20.” Then I realised that the people I was with, from the soccer team Pietro and I play in, are all about that age too. I felt vaguely ill.

It was only days later that I began to understand this physical reaction. I felt old. Funny how it gets you sometimes.

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