Ugly vs Bad [30/11/09]

It was early – that’s the way these things always start – but it was early, and strange, alarming things are always possible at this time, it seems – and it was close to a part of North Sydney where armored vans have been robbed and gun shots fired on two occasions over the last year or so. Unpleasantness seems bound to certain locations.

But this was a different kind of alarming all together.

A smallish, brown shape could be made out near a grey object of approximately the same size. It was a rat, grabbing and dragging away the corpse of a pigeon, into a shrubbed area, presumably to eat it. The sight was appalling in its unashamed grossness and violence. It wasn’t clear how the pigeon became so very deceased and it is also the case that one doesn’t often see rats going about their work. They mostly keep a low profile.

Then another pigeon, this one alive, appeared on the scene and commenced flying aggressively low over the action in a sort of jerky bombing run formation.

Ridiculously what popped into my head was, “Hey! That’s my uncle Clive!” Which is silly, and it makes my feelings at witnessing this scene sound more trivial than they were. In truth, I was horrified. I have never liked pigeons. They disgust me, the city ones, with their disease and general filth. But I really hate rats. Sometimes my nightmares feature rats, or simply a rat – not even doing anything: just being there in the shadows. Their presence freaks me out and I don’t like being near them one bit.

I hurried past. Not sure who won.

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