Cans Too?

Wolf Blass Green Label Cabernet Shiraz is a prince among wines, the best wine ever  produced, or so some authorities on the subject have recently opined. OK, one authority. OK, not an authority – me. It may surprise you to learn I’m drinking the stuff right now, and very good it is too, although the best ever would probably be an outrageous exaggeration. But the label’s green, the bottle’s green and the bottle’s made of plastic, which seems very cool, for reasons even beyond it producing 29% less greenhouse emissions than glass bottles. It’s green. Surely that’s enough. Oscar Wilde was usually right when he expressed an opinion on any subject connected with taste and surely it cannot be a coincidence that Oscar favoured the green carnation worn in one’s lapel.

Wine is good in any form. But its delivery systems – let’s pretend it’s a weapon the US Defense[1] Department is considering buying – can be really quite a lot of fun. Of course there’s the traditional glass bottle and half bottle, closely associated with a sort of whop or fwoop sound as the cork is drawn out of the neck with a traditional corkscrew. Although corkscrews themselves are dying out – perhaps a lingering, debilitating illness, but the patient isn’t likely to participate in the London marathon ever again – as corks are seen less, being replaced with synthetic corks (not liable to “cork taint”, caused by the presence of Trichloroanisole in corks) or screw caps, made of aluminium, part of a collar attached to the neck of the bottle. Strange and wonderous corkscrews are still out there, though electric ones still leave me a mite baffled. Why electric?

Wine can now also be found in cartons, the Burgundy-based producer Boisset sells a range called French Rabbit and Cheviot Bridge is an Australian equivalent, whose Long Flat range has passed swiftly under my nose before disappearing down the pink well on several occasions. Recommended. Good for camping or a weekend away.

And lastly, there’s a perhaps odd way to find this drink: wine in can. Yes, truly. Barokes is a winery which has not only succeeded in producing canned wine and successfully marketing it, but has won a swag of medals, against non-canned wines.

I wan to try it.

[1] No, I don’t know why they can’t spell defence either.

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