While Australia Voted

In the shaded front yard – in front of the verandah with plants on the small pink table and chairs and plants hanging from the beam attached to the roof, where Mr. Mu recently climbed, on one of his escapades up a tree that he does when I am watering and he comes out and we have Man Time together, which means he runs around and climbs things and hides and in his mind we are playing out blokey strategy games but in reality I am just watering plants, and I didn’t really understand that we were sharing a masculine moment at first but now really enjoy Man Time when it happens – there is a little concreted area which we converted into a flower garden. Sun (or lack of sun) is a factor, but this area gets decent light for about half of the day during the cooler months. Only just, but it does. On the weekend a confluence of circumstances found Laetitia and I in the front yard, having returned from a nearby plant nursery, and doing planty things, and the idea of extending our little rockery occurred to her and I said that I thought it was a good idea.

We had rocks of various shapes, all interestingand worth being on display, sitting in the driveway from when a load of building materials were bought months ago. And the idea, and this is genius in a way, was to extend the circular flower spot by extending a roughly concentric ring around it. And of course we filled the new perimeter with soil (or should that be we ‘dressed’ the space between the old perimeter and the new one?). We now have poppies in the ground, some with flowers open and some not, and there is more space for the ground cover to explore and the cheap little flower things in small pots, sold simply as “potted colour”, as they presumably don’t have a name that anyone knows or don’t deserve one, but instead are simply pretty and cute and catch the eye, and that’s all, have more space and are now in better soil. And this bigger rockery idea also means that less space is now devoted to the parts of the front lawn upon which grass refuses to grow.

And now Maidenhair ferns are in classy terracotta pots and are out of the wind, where I hope they will be happier and thrive, and there’s a bit more order to what is going on out the front. The cyclamen seems happy and the aloe vera has more room, but I hope I can still coax it into curling around on itself, as it has gone off on a strange angle, having grown beyond the boundary of its pot and taken a weird twisting angle downwards.

And these garden changes were made while Australia was voting and then while votes were being counted, as they still are. The shape or style of government we will have is still unknown at this time, but the front garden is looking more presentable and its inhabitants seem healthier than they did this time last week.

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