Aphorisms I

As you walk down the road

May the Sun be on your back,

Except when looking over one shoulder

To check if someone’s following.

It wouldn’t do to squint.


What a strange beast is mercy:

Patient, kind, and understanding.

And secretly laughing behind your back.


Sacrifice is easy.

It’s much harder to lose when you were trying to win.


Fun is overrated.

Except when piglets are involved.


To be a man is a thing heroic and mature.

To be a woman is a thing mundane with flashes of colour.

For heroic read posturing, and for mature read infantile or possibly pointless.

It is better to be a woman.


What was it Nietzsche wrote about breasts?

It was funny.

Perhaps I’m making it up.


Those cheesy biscuits in the fridge are tasty.

When I eat one, I recall my youth,

Which wasn’t so long ago but feels far off.

Those cheesy biscuits are bad.


Classical music is methadone for the troubled mind of an intelligent person.

I am a wanker.


Time to brush my teeth.

I don’t like doing it, but feel bad when I don’t,

And that’s worse than the good feeling when I do.


The end.

Until the next time.

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