My Day

Today at work there was so little time to think that when I actually started thinking about what I was doing I realised I couldn’t do it any more. It’s possibly the hardest I’ve ever worked. I was forced to reach a level of intensity, to crowd work processes and activities so tightly into boxes of work time that most of them wouldn’t have just been full, but overflowing and squeezed in with the lid to force them; and I then had to do the same thing again, and again – for hours. I would say I did about twelve or more hours’ worth of this activity, and I was there just over nine hours, with one short break to buy something to eat. It was a day and a half squashed into the period of a day, and a day and a half of activity so relentless that it would normally be spread over two or three days, with periods of down time and periods of more intensity sprinkled throughout. And there’s no prospect that tomorrow will be much better, if better at all.

I’m tired. OK, I’m always tired. But my mind has become mush, and although this should mean I sleep well and feel revived when I wake up, that won’t be the case: my mind will race and the sleep will be worse than it should be in ordinary circumstances. For when my mind is wound up, wound so tight it approaches elastic snapping proportions, it takes an awfully long time to wind down again. As a rule, I find winding down very difficult. And doing the work I do, which is not physical, slumber prospects are never given body weary assistance either.

Oh well.

Maybe this is some indication that I can get away with not working very hard at all some of the time, so I have a bit of a whinge when ‘personal projects’ must be left on hold for a little while. Perhaps, but I don’t think so.

I am constantly surprised by the crapness and barely workingness of some of the otherwise apparently sophisticated machines and software we use in the 21st Century. We are capable of so much as a society, but have to put up with such a lot as individuals.

My sherry glass is low … actually I just drained it, and it may be time to move on for the evening. There’s little else to say, at least there’s little worth saying.

Mr. Mu was waiting for me in the front yard when I got home today, late, after putting in some unpaid overtime, and apparently the dogs had announced my impending arrival several times to Laetitia, as she was tending the veggie garden. So the cat and the dogs formed my reception committee, and I cut the ribbon and entered the house and the crowd cheered, and Captain de Groot[1] could be seen galloping away across the backyard and vaulting the back fence as I entered. There was barely time for an imaginary ferret training session with Dirk the Romanian imaginary ferret before I sat down here.

And now I think I need my injections.

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