Man Time & Other Diversions

Just now the cat was glowering at me. It was partially an expression of contempt and partially he has heavying eyelids as he’s due for another sleep – and in that sense it’s not a glower at all – but he was definitely expressing disapproval for my lack of positive response to his demand for more and better food. He wants something from the sachet collection, you see, not that common dry food muck. I told him that I would feed him some of the good stuff after writing something. So, there you are: I’m writing something.

I’ve been home just over an hour, in which time I’ve witnessed Mr. Mu’s feats of stunt artistry, contortion, and acrobatic prowess – Mr. Mu’s the cat – he cuts a dashing figure, all the more impressive for his advancing years and gentlemanly bearing, as he climbs trees and runs elegantly across our front lawn. Sometimes he climbs so high in the tree that he steps off onto the verandah roof and threatens to disappear under a nook in the gable. It is then that I rescue him from almost certain disaster. The fact that almost certain means in this case very very unlikely does not interfere with the logic and the language of the Man Time Mu and I share out the front of an afternoon. This afternoon he needed only to be rescued from a spot where the strongest and oldest branches join onto the trunk of the tree, a spot from which he could jump, with no possibility of injury, to the ground below. But rescue means a guaranteed shoulder cuddle and thigh and back rub (I’m quite good at feline physio) and it’s a moment we share as well. The moment has more intensity of emotion when a stepladder is needed to get Mu down from the roof. But that’s a special occasion thing.

Man time is about being out there, together, with no womenfolk about.

I also murdered a caterpillar which has been gorging itself on one of our cyclamens – we have two, and that makes me feel like a wealthy man – it was small and green and cute, for a caterpillar, and now it’s no longer with us. The details of the incident are not worth recounting here, but it was graphic and, I hope, instant in effect.

Laetitia informs me that at one point on Saturday when I was mowing and tinkering with the mower (read trying to screw two bits back together with a screw, which is about as difficult as it sounds, but I was having a struggle) she heard me blow my nose from the front yard from where she was in the backyard, 20 or so metres away, with a house between us. Pretty loud. You can’t coach skills like that.

Nose still stuffed. It seems I am condemned to experiencing itchy sensations and other irritations and running and sneezing and cold-like nasal symptoms, all the time. I mean all the time. It never goes away. Sometimes it is worse than at other times, but good for me would be enough to make some people go to the doctor complaining that their nose was driving them crazy. The things we put up with, eh?

Now it’s time for Mu to have a nice feed.

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