Aphorisms II

Is it possible to know consequences in advance?

Doubt it. But that would be a help.


Life is sweet when the sun shines but you don’t get sweaty.

Also, Sunburn is a pain.

Actually it’s the worst harmless thing there is.


When dogs curl up into a tight ball to sleep it is impossible to imagine anything more cosy.


I sometimes wish I were a dog.


Did I just use “were” (conditional, I suppose) correctly?


Consequences can only be known after the event. And that is always too late.

Which doesn’t help. But it’s true.


Orchids are beautiful. They are manly rather than girly and smart rather than dumb and stylish rather than slutty.


TV isn’t worth it. There’s so little return for the effort required to watch, which is minimal anyway. It’s too easy.

TV is worth it – if you don’t just sit there.


The Wikileaks guy no longer has cool hair.


I’d like to get my good boots mended; they are overdue, and in need of resoling.

But there are so many items on the maybe on the weekend list.

The Baxters can take a number and get in line.

Patience will help.


Why are take a number machines at so many supermarkets, in the deli section, unused?

A number makes me feel like I have identity.

It’s a substitute for a personality.

Another substitute personality can be displayed when you ask for cabanossi in an amusingly entertaining way.

Or not.


Arm chairs are perfect for throwing clothes onto, late at night, when you want to go to bed.

Arm chairs are good to sit on.

Arm chairs won’t quit. They are your friend.


Friends aren’t necessary, but they have their uses.

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