Aphorisms III

Is it ever wrong to wonder, I wonder? How could it be?

It depends what dark things one wonders about – and whether that curiosity leads to experiments.

I have wondered about torture before, but I mostly wonder about the mysterious and the abstract.

Wonder is fine if you don’t inhale.


Does gambling involve wonder?

Not really. It is speculation, in all meanings, and compassing outcomes.

Wonder is about delighting in the unknown, and gambling is predicting the future. Or it’s sitting in front of a poker machine. Which doesn’t work for me.


Is truth a legitimate concept? Buggered if I’d no.

Absence of lying is not the same as presence of truth.


Teeth are sharp and hard, unless they’re blunt and crumbly. The dentist visit seems like a spin of the chocolate wheel at the local fete when I was little: the outcome is unpredictable and it isn’t certain that the whole thing might be rigged.


Wind batters the poppies I tend, and they don’t like it. I have never been anti-wind before.


Wine is red and wine is white. The true colours are more like dark ruby and urine. To experienced drinkers it rarely tastes like the latter.


The crack of light under a closed door is beguiling. Shadows on that stage can frighten and encourage.

When a pet causes the disturbance of light across that space it offers hope.


Would the average worker choose to spend time with their colleagues at all if they were not paid to do so?

Perhaps it’s just me (although, of course, there are exceptions).


Why can’t we do what we want to do?

Surely this choice doesn’t only apply to children and extremely lucky bastards.

I don’t like doing what I don’t like to do.


Reading is a refuge, but tiredness can breach stout ramparts and bring the whole edifice down.


Escape is attractive, but difficult when you don’t want to go anywhere.


Why is it impossible to be left alone?


The mob does not want bread and circuses any more. Those things have grace and skill and class and tradition.


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