Without Highlights

Another rescue of Monsieur this afternoon: once again a heart-stopping situation involving a tree, a man with his arms out and stretching up, saying things like, “Come on, matey, come down!” and a cat of uncommonly beguiling charm consenting to allow said man to do the honours and offer his shoulder as an island of refuge and respite from the dramas only recently overcome. It was a touching scene. Actually it was a rather silly scene – Laetitia watched from a mostly concealed position and I could tell she was smiling – but the bond grew and the massage followed and Mr. Mu seemed happy with the lot he has been granted in the afterglow.

At least the stepladder was not required.

Today the VRC Oaks was run and won. The punters club I’m in had a nice collect, as they say. That was good.

I suppose it is evidence of a day unpunctuated with incident and memories when all you can really call to mind is plucking a cat – albeit an exceptionally handsome cat – from a tree, patting him, and putting him down. But that’s what remains from my day; my rather busy day, from which there is bugger all to show, and no achievements to list. Except the horse race win … and that wasn’t my selection – one of the benefits of being in a club. It pays to belong, literally.

So what have we got? Benefiting from someone else’s expertise and cuddling a feline. Sounds like nothing much. Sounds like I needn’t have bothered really. Why get out of bed? Well, there are plenty of reasons. You don’t need to achieve things, or not every day, you don’t, at least. There is pleasure and fulfilment in what might look like just going through the motions. Seeing and spending time with those people you want to see, experiencing faint drops of light rain on your face, enjoying, rather than cursing the fact that you watered your plants and it’s raining quite persistently (as it is now) – these are all experiences and events and observations which will not help on a bad day, on a truly bad day nothing will help, but on a neutral day it’s not a bad thing to acknowledge that amusing or quirky or very slight little occurrences occur, as occurrences tend to do, and that’s OK, it’s fine, be happy. Well, relatively. I’m not quite smiling now, but I’m feeling more content than I have for a long time.

If it was colder I would have long pyjamas and fluffy socks on, but as it is the slippers are in place, so that’s something.  

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