Best Time Of The Year

I’m so glad it’s hot. But I wish it was hotter. When I finished work this afternoon, I took my shirt off while I was waiting for my train, on the platform – got some rays and a bit of airflow, and the tingling sensation on my skin has been sorely missed through all the colder months. God, it gets cold. It’s almost unfair. It shouldn’t be that way. But it’s not cold any more. It’s back the way it should be: beach weather. Oh, yeah!

I love the smell of coconut oil in the morning.

The beach is awesome. It’s so informal, so democratic. You can do pretty much whatever you want, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone. Just jump in the car and drive, and get out and swim and hang out. There are plenty of chicks and heaps of cool shit to do as you chill in the sun, getting a bit of colour. I’ve got a pretty cool hat that I wear at the beach now. It’s a woven baskety material thing and I’m pretty sure the ladies love it, goes pretty well with my Ray Bans. I love the fact that all you need is your thongs (Havaianas, of course, no riff raff here) and your boardies, and car keys, naturally, and you’re away. It’s excellent. So liberating. And when you’re at the beach everybody else there is doing the same. I learned to surf as a kid, but I mostly don’t take my board along these days, unless I’m having a pre-breakfast surf. The weekend’s different. That’s about friends and catching up, and we usually end by going to some bars and getting something to eat, and dancing, and stuff I don’t remember so well when I wake up and look in the mirror and there’s a bit of extra brown in my cheeks. It’s a great way to ease into a long, lazy, relaxed holiday period. And then do the same again and again, whenever we get the opportunity.

And the ladies – what’s not to love about them? All the curves on show, all the beautiful brown skin and hair bleached in the sun. And the nippers, and the lifesaving guys, and the Ice Bergs, and all that stuff. This is Australia … and I miss it sometimes. In fact, I miss it a lot. I pine for it. And wonder when it will come back. If it will come back, in fact. But that’s just me, getting a bit anxious, wondering when the good times will return, and fearing that they won’t, but they do – eventually.

And going to the cricket. And playing cricket, in the healthy, vital, youthful outdoors – with the beers afterwards – beers before, beers after, beers during – and the social dimension. And the chance to meet the WAGS and have a chat. Just love it. So glad it’s December.

And this paradise won’t be gone for months. Love it[1].

[1] Joking.

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