Good Staff Isn’t Easy To Find, But Pleasures Are Available

The cat wanted attention. He always wants that. And he wanted to be fed, and that’s not unusual, in itself, either. He appreciates clean bowls for his food; he’s a gentleman with proper standards. And the servants – in this case a pair of dogs – were happy to oblige in preparing the instruments for his repast in the most hygienic way they possibly could.

And then Monsieur ate. And he tasted well and enjoyed the variety, and he left food behind, for he is not a peasant, and will be fed again.

And he stretched and perambulated and struck poses, and shed a few discreet bundles of hair from his flanks as he paused near the front door. But the front door was not opened and there was no Man Time. Himself made a decision to amuse himself in other ways, and promptly disappeared while feline matters were attended to with the utmost urgency while prying eyes of other creatures were not able to look on. In short, cat business was the order of the day, for a little bit, and secret cat business at that. His lordship was last seen lounging in his well made but not ostentatious tweed suit, and it is to be imagined that he slipped out, using the cover of the fringe of a curtain or some such other ruse, as he made his exit.

And then he appeared. Stealing around the corner with some alacrity, he posed in the doorway of a room, presently used by a human male at a computer. The handsome feline then rested on his cane and winked at the human. With some dispatch the cat was on the human’s lap, and the pair were in another room, sitting on a comfortable chair, listening to cricket commentary on the radio, while a very deep, and most therapeutic cat massage occurred. Himself was pleased. He pronounced himself satisfied when a large dog entered the room, and he left.

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