Closing The Door On A Cat’s Tail Is Remarkably Easy To Do

I closed the door on Mr. Mu’s tail. It was horrifying. I had just entered the house and the dogs were being boisterous, jumping around and putting their noses – as far as they could get away with it – into the parts of an adult human man which smell the best, if you are dog. I was settling them a bit, or trying to, when I heard the cat having a whinge on the verandah, seeking ingress, and pats and food. I turned, opened the screen door slightly, enough for him to slide past in his slinky, unobtrusive feline way, and the dogs started going silly and crowding him into a corner just to the side of the architrave, and my attention was focused on what the two bully animals were doing to the victim (not that he’s a weakling, and I would most definitely put my money on him to beat the pair of female tail-waggers if it kicked off big time and became a serious fight) – and this meant that I wasn’t looking at the rear of the melee, and thus was not aware that his tail wasn’t fully within the confines of the front hall. The dogs continued their silliness, and the cat reacted, or so I thought, with an outburst, telling them, in no uncertain terms to grow up and leave him alone … except that wasn’t what was happening. I had closed the door, not hard thankfully, more squeezed the screen door closed, on his tail, and I looked at his tail and it dawned me that he was in pain and was panicking, and I was doing it: I was making his pain worse.

It was mortifying. I still feel shaken. There’s a small amount of clearance under the door and so the tail was squashed rather than badly damaged, but it’s a good reminder to be careful. When you get it wrong it can be bad. No breaks, no blood, just a nasty shock all round – and it could have been so much worse.

Mr. Mu has forgiven me and he allowed me to feed him. He’s resting on the human bed as I write this.

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