Aphorisms VII

There are wine stains on the tablecloth. No one knows how they got there.

Could there be some goblin who enters the house at night, steals into the dining room, and pours from the decanter of very cheap red wine just enough to foul the whiteness of the whitey white expanse of the cloth?


Or, it’s me.

More likely.


Goblins sound like fun.


Compiling a list of alcohol related purchases in one’s head, for Christmas, might sound like fun. But it isn’t.

Not Goblin fun, anyway.


What do goblins do that is so bad? Just mentioning the word in a children’s story seems enough: “Ooh, goblins!”

Maybe they have a bad rap. As far as fictional or folkloric bad guys go.

Humans are the worst bad guys of all.

Except cats. They can be evil too. But they have an excuse.


Hunger and tension can both be felt in the stomach. And they can feel like the same feeling.

Maybe food critics never feel hunger; and they have never known the fear of unknown consequences, which is the father of tension.

A harmonious gut would be wonderful.

And being a food critic might not be too bad either. But a golden stomach is required.


The curtains begin closing on another year and it is right to consider personal achievements.

Making a difference? Little bit.

Kicking goals? No

Navel gazing pointlessly on a blog with no readership? Hell, yeah!


Here’s to some finely tuned whingeing in 2011.

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