February – It Gets Worse

It’s hot, but we aren’t allowed to complain. No, people are having their houses destroyed in various ways by the effects of a seriously pissed off Mother Nature. People have died, and perhaps, sadly, will die in the coming days as a result of flooding and now Cyclone Yasi. The only thing left for the Queenslanders who have experienced all of this is to experience severe bushfires in the next few weeks, that would be the hat-trick of Australian natural disasters. Not that anyone would contemplate, even in a moment of absurd and savage irony, the idea that this would be somehow amusing. It wouldn’t. Not even a little bit.

But it is hot. Really bloody hot. Here, nowhere near where all the devastation has been occurring all this young year, it’s so intensely uncomfortable that I may have to leave this room with great haste, at any second. Sweat is pouring off me. It’s hot in Sydney, and has been for days. There is no relief. You wake up and it’s hot before 6am. Then it gets more stifling and humidity builds. And it’s almost unbearable on the way home from work. Concrete seems a substance created by some insane torture master as the substance best suited to absorb and reflect heat – and walking home is almost impossible, except for brief interludes of shade. Men were doing roadwork the other day as I passed, and it was a moment of pure pity for me: it almost made me sad.

It will pass, as all things pass, and the temperature will drop, and all will be comfortable again. Or uncomfortable in a different way. And whatever happens people such as me will whinge, and our families won’t be decimated by unexpected events, and our houses will remain intact, and things will continue to be predictable and stable but we will not appreciate it, as we never do.

But fuck it’s hot!

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