The Special Hat

There is a special hat that I bought years ago on a Schoolies trip to Byron Bay. I always have thought of it as my Nepalese hat, or my Tibetan hat – I think a shirt I have is my Tibetan shirt actually, so it’s the Nepalese hat – but I have learnt, by reading the tag (which seemed a pretty obvious thing to do, and I can’t believe that didn’t do it before) that it was produced in Guatemala. So it’s my Guatemalan hat.

It’s a soft, slightly padded arrangement with what looks like off cuts from rugs or something sewn together, and there is no brim. It’s almost like a Victorian night cap – sans tail. (I’ve just realised that I would like a night cap, for the colder months, but that’s another story.) I’m wearing it now, not because I’m some kind of hippy but to keep the hair away from my eyes. It is very far from being cool. I certainly don’t think I look stylish when I wear it.


I’m so tired. It’s difficult to keep my eyes open and my brain focused on the job. The mind wanders.

Now I shall include blatant popular search words, to see if the number of hits (or should that be reads?) goes up … and because I can’t think of another way to constructively use my head at the moment. Here we go: Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, sex, drugs, beer, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, S&M, Egypt, Libya, Gaddafi, Islamic terrorist, revolution, democrat, republican, tits, upskirt, cats, cute cats, cats wearing wigs, cats doing amusing things, cats with other cats, sport.

There, that should do it. I shall be King of the blogs by this time tomorrow.

Now I need to repair to another room.


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