A list:

Unnecessary talking

Bad smells

Invasion of personal space

Mobile phone retailers/providers/telephony companies in general

IT specialists (with very few exceptions)

Built-in technology obsolescence

The lack of clothes, off the peg, for short people

People (as a group)

Women (as a group)

Men (as a group)

Children (as a group)




Excessive heat (when described as a “lovely sunny day” or “beach weather”)

Excessive heat

Beaches (except in limited circumstances that involve dogs and wearing beanies and pretending to be a smuggler or axe murderer, and exploring up windswept pathways and uncovering romantic graves of tragically killed pioneers)

The country (with exceptions)

The city (with exceptions)

Selfishness excused by faux forgetting or being distracted

Motorists (with extremely limited exceptions)

Taxi drivers


Pedestrians (especially the ‘thoughtless’ variety)

The music heard from cars with sound systems turned up too loud (there has been one exception to this, ever)

Commercial television (as a concept)

Commercial radio (as a concept)



Social media (as a term, when used by marketing and advertising people)

Newsreaders who are crap at pronouncing words they need to pronounce to do their job

Real Estate Agents (without exception)


Accountants (when they ask you if a tax return item is a profit or a loss)

Accountants (as they should be unnecessary for ordinary people)

Accountants (for other reasons)

Scientists (especially when they say things like: “That’s great science!”)

Neighbours (with exceptions)

Friends (when they won’t leave you alone)

Mobile phones (when they interfere)

Confident people

Loud people

Ignorance (when used as a badge of honour)


People associated with water sports

Pushy parents

Assertive people

Bossy people

Arrogant people


Obstructions in the way of solitude and peace


A lack of clocks and radios

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