Things Which Suck, Part 1: Mobile Phone Companies

Mobile phones, eh? The industry seems to have been constructed just to annoy me: why should I have one, just because everyone else has one; I dislike being interrupted on a landline, at home, so why would I enjoy the idea that I can be interrupted all the time, anywhere; and it’s all so cynically constructed to make not enough sense that people will actually fully understand what’s going on with plans and deals and schemes.

I rang Vodafone four times to sort out something that could (and should have) been sorted in one call. It seems Vodafone’s recent reputation is indicative of business practices and engendered attitudes which are unhelpful, at best. People apparently close their account, leave, and return immediately as a new customer, as new customers are treated better than existing customers who want to make a change.

Ah well … over now – I hope.

I’m so tired. I’d be tired anyway, in all likelihood, but I don’t need the hassle of four phone calls over the period of about five days, in all of which name, problem, customer PIN and other numbers have to be supplied to every single person you speak to, as though they aren’t operating a system at all, and are writing it all down on pieces of paper. How I hope it is over.

Some-one prayed for me today. Her prayer was more for Laetitia, and hoping to alleviate or even stop – which would be far better – her propensity for migraine over the last few months. It’s debilitating and causes unnecessary stress. And well-wishers are welcome, wishing well. And so are prayers. And thank you, Adelaide.

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