When the glass is empty you keep going. You don’t need the glass. The glass is just a glass. It represents nothing more than glass in a certain shape and of a certain weight. It has mass and dimensions. That’s all. Otherwise, what you choose it to mean, you have chosen it to mean. Emptiness means nothing, in a glass way – but it can mean I’d better get another; I’m parched, if you choose it to mean that.

In fact I’m parched. There … that’s better.


But no, these things will not appear on the ledger, to be read by other people: the kind of other people who may choose to use them against you. They will not appear at all. There is merit in not broadcasting some things – in fact there is merit in not broadcasting many things.

Some people don’t appear to know that a lack of caution is likely to mean that certain details will always be available, certain incriminating details, for all time on the internet … or until certain servers in certain places stop working, or their power bills don’t get paid, or there’s some kind of apocalypse. Yep, the pics of you with a traffic witches hat on your head, wearing a tutu, at a Happy Birthday Adolf April 20 party, simulating an adult act with an exhaust pipe from a 1988 Holden Camira, might stay online and available until the robots take over and prepare this planet for a thousand years of dominion by their new masters, the Slug People.

But you can’t advise some people. Even with realistic scenarios like this one.

Their loss.

They have been warned.

And they probably aren’t listening anyway.

I wonder if redneck dickheads who leave racist comments on Facebook are having more fun than me.


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