Yes, that was me. I did that, and I’m sorry I did it. I shouldn’t have done it, but I did. I definitely did it and I’m definitely sorry. Definitely.

My client takes full moral responsibility. But he was labouring under a substantial impairment of the mind at the time, including auditory hallucinations, and punctuated by a florid episode when he made that phone call, your Honour.

My client is not legally responsible for what happened to those investors, but he would like to issue an apology to all those adversely affected by the reversals which occurred all around the world and in particular affected some of the partners in the company of which he used to be a director.

I’m disappointed about what happened.

I’m very disappointed about what happened.

On my daughter’s life, that will never happen again. I can’t say sorry enough to my family, my team mates, the club, and our sponsors.

Sorry it came out that way but when you surprised me like that it was shock. I wasn’t ready for it and I reacted badly.

Sorry about that but you always promise you’ll fix it and you never do and I just got pissed off about it frankly. So many things are unfinished or need fixing. It feels like I’ve been waiting so long for so many things to get done. And I’m not your mother. I’m not going to tell you what needs to get done and how and when to do it. You should know.

I didn’t mean it.

It was an accident.

I apologise.

I’m mortified that this happened. It never occurred to me that it was possible . None of us knew that the water was so shallow. Why has there been a tyre on a rope there for so long?

It is an unfortunate outcome. The board sympathises with families living with this unforseen outcome and advises that they talk to their family doctor about it.

I’m not sorry. That would be a lie. I don’t like to see you hurt, but he had it coming. You know he did. And he was holding you back anyway. Now we need to leave. We can set up again in New Zealand and start over. The future is bright if you’re with me.

I’m not sorry. I don’t care. Think yourself lucky you weren’t involved.

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