Baby Sniffing, I Mean Licking, I Mean … You Know, What Politicians Do

Where to begin? The beginning? OK. Logical. I like it.

It started when I was class captain in Year 6. This was a position of some responsibility, almost a politician’s role, but different, for the cynicism people feel about politicians – adult people, that is – is absent, or was then, at any rate, in twelve year-olds, and so the position then seemed as a position of authority perhaps should to all of those who hold office of any kind: like there was much more obligation than there could ever be renown. Like there was no glory, only the opportunity to do something for others. Like caring wasn’t just the natural reaction of an interested individual, but a duty – and a duty to care in a constructive way, to make lives easier, for families and individuals.

In a position of this kind, where people are involved – people and their needs and interests; the competing values of stakeholders, in short – the people are the most important consideration in the elected official’s suite of considerations. And considerations, too, are subject to prioritisation in the continual process of liaising between management and staff, through the official as a conduit in order to facilitate broadly defined, and specifically outlined, outcomes which aim to satisfy the demands of all while refusing to yield completely to any, achieving a tailored outcome comprising synergies of expectation and fulfilment to all layers of participant in the ongoing dialogue – meta and micro – going forward.

And that’s how I chose one comprehension test rather than the other when the teacher showed them both to me and told me to make a choice for an activity to do for the afternoon when he was to be away that time. I picked the easier one, as I thought the class (my members) would approve. The fact that we would be working on something made him (management) happy. It was my first experience of politics.

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