Why am I so crap at anagrams? Buggered if I’d know. It’s not as if I don’t appreciate them or think they are interesting or can be fun. I do. It just feels like they are beyond me.

Many strands of mental activity sort seem beyond my ability to create – I instead need to be shown it and explained how it works.

I’m not dumb. I get it. Or will when it’s explained. Then I’ll see the elegance and the craft in creating it.

Recently Laetitia ran a couple of anagrams past me. They seemed familiar somehow. They seemed familiar because they were re-arrangements of the letters in my own name. Did I feel silly? Yeah, I did. But not jealous or resentful. This kind of word game or mind puzzle just isn’t my thing.

When Prince William married Catherine Middleton recently I spent a few short moments (moms, monts – can we come up wit an abbreviation for moment, I wonder?) trying to find out the new titles granted to the happy couple. They are, in fact the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Earl of Strathearn and Lady Strathearn, and the Baron Carrickfergus and Lady Carrickfergus. An anagram of Baron Carrickfergus (a word I think looks rude) is Arrogance Brick Furs – and that seems somehow appropriate as a comment about who these people are, how they live and the property they own.

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