Thursday Thoughts

It has long been an ambition of mine – a pretty stupid ambition, I’ll grant you – to at some time or other, in the foreseeable future, as such, going forward, in the fullness of time, to make close notes about exactly what I did and when for an entire day. Yes, it’s a lame idea. And the thought was initially something entertained as a means of creating some sort of literary trigger – a record of ideas as they came to me, through the day, and how thoughts became other thoughts and so on. But the focus now has changed to more concrete matters: what I do, how long it takes, and what I do next.

Work has been the principal motivator for me beginning to think this way. It has been made clear to me that, in some ways, my performance can be compared to others and found wanting. Of course the concept of performance is here inaccurately employed, as performance should include how well you do what you do, how well problems are solved, sometimes thinking laterally, the level of supervision you require, and whether the work you do creates work for other people. And of course I kick arse in all those measures … which aren’t really measures at all, as they aren’t measured, and instead the one measure – sheer numbers, in this case sheer numbers reflecting something I do for maybe a couple of hours a day, if that – is the only thing a boss who frankly doesn’t know what we as a group do, thinks he knows but he doesn’t, and thinks he has some idea what I do and how I do it, but doesn’t know that either uses to compare me with others. And so I’ve started thinking about constructing a table which shows the things I have done, which can’t be measured, and how long each took to do. It feels really demeaning to think that this sort of approach is necessary for an employee, who has given a high standard of service to a company, for longer than anyone else, to show that he isn’t sitting on his arse, doing bugger all. But there it is. When the management don’t trust you, start behaving like you’re in kindergarten (which is where they belong emotionally) and they’ll understand that Johan has coloured in three pictures today and been a good boy.


And some of the above could even sound bitter. But I’m not. (OK, I am  bit.) What I am interested in doing is mapping a day for task and duration. It already seems silly, after this short few minutes of thinking about the idea. I doubt I could be bothered. I might have a go at this through sheer bloody mindedness. But honestly, what is this all about? Showing that we have a prize-winningly shithouse internet system in Australia – despite what Coalition members sometimes say about the proposed/being built, perhaps not too efficiently NBN costing too much – and this means I, me individually, myself, as an individual, can’t get as much done as I should be able to get done, as everything takes too long. Oh, and the fact that we have an IT manager who I’m not convinced is even qualified (to do anything!) doesn’t help.


When IT people are not required it will be a great day. I will chuckle a little mirthless, but quite satisfied, chuckle and imagine those who remain in the now defunct profession trying to get jobs where work is required, effort, say cleaning toilets. Where you can’t show up and leave whenever you want to, and you need to fix things before walking away, and you have to be practical and care, all the time about doing your job properly.


Nah, too negative now.




Here’s a joke: man walks into a bar. Orders a drink. Drinks it. Walks outside, and in the process of ducking a custard pie and avoiding stepping on a banana skin, he accidentally steps into the path of a semi-trailer and is run over.


It’s the way you tell ‘em.

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