Bad Call

Fuck I wish people wouldn’t ring me when it’s inconvenient. Or maybe, parliament-style, I would vote for a motion to remove the words beginning with “when” and ending with “convenient”, and substitute the words “at all” in their place. Mmm, yes. That’s my position on the matter.

It isn’t really.

It’s just when you’ve been stuffing around, and trying to make sense of how to use Gmail with multiple people in the thread, and you don’t want to stuff it up, and there’s an important message which some people should get and not others, and you feel that you’ve just about nailed it and it’s done and the code has been cracked, and you won’t stuff up – not now – and the bloody phone rings, and concentration is interrupted, fatally, or possibly just broken, and you know that the only thing to do is to start all over again, when the call is over, of course – these are the moments when it feels a bit of a frustration. These and all the other moments. Wrestling with a pink plant watering jug, forgetting what the implement is called that one waters plants with, using a conjunction at the end of a phrase, clause, or sentence, remembering terms like phrase, clause and sentence, and wondering about precise definitions for each – these and many other things are also likely to lead to moments of frustration and confusion.

And then you stop.

And everything’s OK.

Until the next thing.

Next time.

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