A New Era

Writing on a new computer is surprisingly like writing on the old one. Or any other one at all really. As long as the keyboard works and there is a modicum of expected memory and technical oomph available for the task, the differences are far outweighed by the similarities. Which is a shame, in a way, as a fair bit of money was outlayed for the new machine, and in some way it would be pleasurable to get reinforcement as the keys are struck and the words appear on the screen that you did the right thing, your research was good and you chose a good model, you didn’t spend too much but got a good deal, you are, in fact, a bit of a champion and deserve a pat on the back. If the keys purred when they were hit and they felt like each was individually covered with ermine that would be a satisfyingly different experience and the right sort of reminder of a generally well-made decision heralding the beginning of a good life full of good features and goodness.

The screen does look fancy, as the words appear, and if that’s all that will really happen – a newer, shinier appearance, and larger screen size – then it’ll have to do.

Writing on the new computer is not the same as writing on the old one. It’s better. Slightly better.

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