This Afternoon’s Mission

The weather seems to be defiantly showing some leg, unbuttoning a button or two of her blouse, and preparing to step out of her overcoat and stride away, carelessly casting her fur lined hat with an ostrich feather sticking out of it into the nearest hedge as she heads for the sun and leaves the bleakness and the grey and the damp alone and unloved forever. It’s not forever though. Nothing lasts that long. The overcoat will come out again, and the thick socks, and the gloves. We just have to wait.

OK. That wasn’t a very successful analogy. But the weather is changing. Or it has started a process which means it will soon change. That’s assuming the two are separate – and I’m not sure they are. What I am sure of is that my nose isn’t happy. And the other parts of my sinus apparatus aren’t particularly overjoyed either. Maybe it’s a coincidence, this weather change and getting a cold – like some pathetic little kid’s sniffle, but with adult intensity and tenacity – but that doesn’t seem likely. I’m tired and sick and being sick is making me feel more tired, and it’s preventing me from sleeping deeply and efficiently, and that’s making me feel sicker and – of course – more tired.

On the way home from work I saw a couple of slightly confused, but friendly enough, dogs on the footpath at one point. When I reached home I told Laetitia and she and I walked back to where I had seen them, in case they were lost/escaped and we could render assistance. Initially we couldn’t locate them and wondered what had happened, hoping they lived somewhere near where I initially spotted them, and so started for home again. On that journey we spotted them in another nearby street, barked at by dog residents adjacent to where they were sniffing and otherwise exploring, chased them (a bit, but not in a threatening, anxiety-inducing kind of way), and followed them into a lane where the backyards of houses from two streets line up on either side. The pair disappeared under a cyclone fence and were in the process of reappearing and barking at us when a man came out of his back door, telling them gruffly to be quiet. He was their owner, was pleased to see them, didn’t know they got out, and was thankful to know they were safe and sound.

Laetitia and I felt like we had done our good deed for the day, as responsible citizens of the dog community.

And my nose is still running, and it’s annoying and I wish it would stop.

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