Another printer lesson

You can buy the wrong printer cartridges. It can happen. There’s no reason to overthink it or worry. It’s tempting to be hard on yourself when you buy the wrong ones: black and white, and colour, with the wrong serial numbers, which don’t match the printer, and then unpack and unwrap them in exactly the way that means you can never get a refund on the $75 you spent on them at the shop, and vaguely felt you were overspending at the time, and you realise, when you can’t get any of it back that it was too much to spend – too much to spend on nothing, as the cartridges won’t work and the printer still doesn’t print and you can’t give the bloody things away unless you can find someone who owns the same brand printer with the same serial number as you do, and possibly that is an futile idea, as the reason the printer only cost you a fraction of what you subsequently paid for replacement cartridges that time is because it is model that the shop was trying to get rid of, to create space for something more popular, which they could attach a bigger price to, and thus it was priced so competitively. Competitively if you mean being in a competition where the only result can ever be that you lose. Well, it feels like that anyway. It happens.

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