Ganesha’s Silent Dare

And Ganesha gazes down, as he always does; it’s a permanent gaze, resolute, calm, but nonetheless challenging, and he is met with a shifty glance once in a while as the figure at the computer keyboard frets and slouches and fails to get anything done of any merit for yet another day.

There is hunger. Hunger in the abstract sense: desire to attain and to absorb and conquer; and in the other sense too, the bodily sense where nourishment is needed. Feeding on food and feeding on achievement.

But perhaps both are misleading. Days without food are possible without becoming terribly unwell; and the desire to do something – something good and fulfilling and satisfying – is not required to get through one day and move onto the next.

You just keep going. Don’t you?

But to feed the soul is vital. The sensation of utter wellness and spiritual satiety is a rare one. It’s worth it. To feel that feeling is to feel more alive, and feeling it often is better than feeling it not enough.

And that’s it: feel it again. Feel it more.

Dinner time.

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