Hoons Need A Retirement Plan

Hoons were hooning. Hoons always hoon. They drive fast and loud and make marks on the road and they yahoo – a word we used to use before a large corporation appropriated it when they were planning to take over the world, but it didn’t work out that way and they only annexed a couple of countries, in an IT sense anyway, and now it’s a relic but does hang on – and they drink and plan to destroy society as we know it. Hoons know how to hoon – it’s what they’re good at. Hoons hoon around and display hoonish tendencies and drive hoon mobiles, and their tyres squeal hooningly into the night.

Are hoons allowed to cease hooning? Does being a former hoon mean one is still, really, a hoon? Is there a way out?

It would be sad if hoons were condemned to spend their whole lives hooning, with no hope of a reprieve, regardless of whether hooning still conferred on them the sense of delight that it used to confer when they were younger. It would be a shame.

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