A New Footy Season

It’s late February and for some us that means organising footy tipping competitions and organising punters clubs and even making notes about key events in the rugby league calendar. It’s exciting and there’s preparation, like Christmas time, but without decorations and special food and presents … and with footy as a substitute for everything. A lot of preparation goes into the last week in February, the lead-up to kick-off for the first match, but then it is almost as if, to return to the Christmas analogy, which didn’t work and wasn’t’ supposed to, there is no Christmas Day. Just the build-up, preparation, a sense of excitement, and then … well, nothing much.

It’s good, when the season, you know, starts and stuff, but it’s almost an anti-climax. Not because the games themselves fail to live up to the tension and anticipation which have built and built – although, I’ll be honest, that does have a little bit to do with it[1] – but because that was never the point actually. We only thought it was. The first game starts and it’s almost an easing of tension – the opposite of excitement, in a way – rather than going silly and palpitating and not being able to think straight. There are highlights, there always are, and they will occur regularly throughout the season, but what happens when the games are underway is a restoration of the natural order – the way things are meant to be – and it is satisfying and leaves one with positive thoughts about the footy future, but a sigh of relief is close to the actual reaction: finally, we made it. At last.

[1] It’s just men playing a game, after all.

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