Kitchen Danger

The footsteps were quite loud on the wooden floor, and they grew louder as she approached. She knocked at the door and whispered to him when he answered it.

“Honey, please come quickly. There’s a roach.”

He looked down to listen as she spoke, it was something he did when he couldn’t hear well, and he looked up to find she had walked away, in the direction of the danger. She stood at the kitchen door and pointed with a limp arm and extended index finger, looking away, unable to fix her eyes upon the creature in the room.

He approached, smiling broadly, a smug tone ringing in his voice: “Oh, it’s in here, is it? Let’s see what we can do about this little bugger then …”

And his words trailed off. He flinched and his shoulders seemed to crumple and he took cover around the corner from the doorway.

“Oh … my … god!” he said. “It’s huge!”

Pots and pans and plates slipped off shelves and draws shook loose, scattering cutlery across the floor, and the room echoed with smashing crashing destruction as the creature moved about the floor and flicked its wings as it went.

Unaware of what was happening, the dogs stampeded down the corridor in pursuit of the cat. They fought their way into the kitchen, the three of them, with claws flying and paws skidding on the surface of the floor. They barked and yelped and roared at each other, and the cockroach took fright and made its escape. It flapped its wings and smashed its way through the big double windows and flew off, leaving a devastated room with three pets still fighting behind it.

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