Friday’s Mission

Cold today. Maybe not as cold as yesterday, but still cold. It’s early of course. Must be cold because I’m wearing my boots and my overcoat and I put on my gloves before I left the house and I’m not exactly warm. Well, not yet anyway. That will happen though, when I’ve been walking for a bit. Hope the cat’s OK. Off his food last night and not looking very interested in his sachet of Whiskas this morning. What does “with beef” mean, anyway? Is it an admission that beef is only one of the things in a sachet like this? Contains beef, and other things, perhaps? Yeah, maybe that’s it. It’s like they’re trying to be honest. Not wanting to say this is the freshest and best, most wholesome thing you can feed your cat, although, you know, it is pretty good. It’s got real beef in it, and that’s not too bad. It’s pretty good actually. I suppose this is true. At least I hope it is. And Barney seems to like it. He’s never said anything to make me think he didn’t like it. Funny how we think of them as talking to us, and they do, but it’s still funny. He’s a funny little bloke. And he eats it after all. Best sign there is that a cat, even a cheeky little bugger like Barney, not much older than a kitten, eats the food he’s given. Must like it. Must be good for him. I hope. I hope this dress isn’t too low cut. Never too confident about these things. Feel a bit naked, but not even good naked, just exposed if things aren’t cut the right way. And I don’t want to show off too much. Boots provide good coverage. Knee length. Expensive too, but I deserved a treat that week. And they lasted me all last season. Should do me for this winter as well. At least. Small handbag today. Hope I haven’t left anything behind, but I always do when I take the smaller one. The smaller one seemed a better idea when Tom invited me for a drink. Better to travel light. Lots of people at Giorgio’s. Packed, especially on a Friday after work. Better to not have a bulky bag. You bump people with a bulky bag and you want to put it down, and if you put it down that means you stay with it. Better to travel light, better to be able to move and follow Tom where he goes. Always crowded at Giorgio’s. I wonder if we’ll go to Giorgio’s. We could go anywhere, I suppose. Tom knows places. He’s been around for a while. I quite like his little thinning spot on top. I like that he doesn’t mind. Knows it’s there. Makes jokes about it. Calls it Henry. Why does he do that? He’s funny. I like his sense of humour. He dresses well and doesn’t go on like those younger guys, boys really, in the office upstairs. Wonder if he’ll like my boots. Hope so. Hope the neckline is just enough, without being too much. Yeah, that’s it. Just enough. Not so cold now. Breath steaming though, and the tip of my nose is still cold. I love these gloves. The sky is pink. It’s really pink. Really really pink. What does pink mean? Is pink good? I think it’s good. It should be good. It is good. I hope. Wonder what Barney’s doing. Probably sleeping. Sleeping would be best for him right now. A nice long sleep on my bed. He can keep it warm until I get home. After my drink with Tom. Nice and warm and cosy. Being at home in your pjs and fluffy slippers and patting Barney. Can’t wait.

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