The Recruitment Game

Why does everyone on LinkedIn or other such recruitment websites seem to have had the same professionally done “corporate” photograph? The individual in this shot – it’s always the same shot – is leaning against what appears to be a wall in the board room, with frosted glass or some sort of minimally patterned wall or even a very subtle modern art design visible behind them. They stand off centre and with their body inclined on an angle as though they were looking slightly away, through a window perhaps, at something else, and were surprised by the person with the camera who shouted “Hey, look at me!” and so they looked with their face but not their body. And the look – it’s always the same look as well. It’s as if they are seeing into the future: the future of the company (the corporate synergies it will be possible to leverage), or their own future as the king of that board room one day, or just an undefined dreamy period in the time to come where deals will be made and birds will sing and no-one will get out of bed for under $150k. The look seems to include the horizon, indicating that there will be no horizons personally, professionally, or in a corporate sense – but it also seems to suggest looking over the heads of those around: emerging idealistically from the pack of executives with similar skills, experience, and educational background, and gradually pulling away from that pack, ruthlessly exploiting weaknesses in one’s rivals, defeating those rivals, and leaving them far below as one moves ever upward.

My photo isn’t like that.

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