A Change Of Scene

In the terracotta tabernacle soil was moist and light and fluffy, piled high in drifts and peaks with rivulets in between, and preternaturally dark, as if touched by God’s Green Thumb and commanded in a reassuring baritone: “Be fertile.” It was nutrients that did it. Nutrients and water. Plenty of water, but not too much. You can wash away the nutrients if there’s too much water. If the water pours and pours some more and it saturates the soil, and if it starts to leach the goodness away, which can easily happen. As with many aspects of gardening something good can quite easily become something bad if it is overdone or not done enough or with enough care. And so it is better to be regular. To keep conditions predictable. And balanced. Predictable and balanced. Find a place where the plant seems content, and content doesn’t just mean happy and balanced, it means where the plant thrives and grows. For it isn’t enough to merely live. Living is a big thing and important if you are nursing a plant back to health when it has not been treated well. Allowing a plant to become stable and giving it time to grow new green buds and the strength to sit up proudly and stop drooping. This is progress for a mistreated plant. But after this stage the plant must make progress, it must graduate to the next phase, and if that doesn’t happen you must allow it to. In the deep terracotta bowl a cyclamen was rather enjoying itself. It had been moved from the sunny back room to the verandah at the front of the house and now sat nestled among the ferns in half light and half shadow and the pink flowers sat bolt upright on their little stalks now. The change of scene was appreciated. This was better. The plant was happy. A small bright green man was spotted on the underside of one of the cyclamen’s leaves. He was wearing a top hat and he was chewing through the leaves in a methodical unhurried fashion as he twirled his cane and kicked his many feet in the air. The right conditions for a plant are sometimes the right conditions for the plant’s enemy. Nature is like that sometimes.

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