Friends have told me that Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War is a faithful recreation of the story of World Series Cricket in the 1970s. It’s a television show I don’t need to watch though. I know the story. I was there, in the background, at the time. When my lawyer wrote to the producers, demanding to know how their client had been portrayed, they were told there was no Gordon Urquhart character. I wasn’t important enough to make it into the script, apparently. Shows how much they know. A lot of what we did for The Boss was behind closed doors, but he valued the work of his whole legal team. He gave me a set of ivory cuff links once.

It’s not important. Sometimes it’s good to be left out. I can think of at least one Royal Commission where it was far better not to be named.

Besides, I don’t watch much TV. I’m a devotee of Sky News Business, when the markets are open. Apart from that, well, there isn’t much really. I enjoy watching documentaries about space and predatory animals and I sometimes find myself watching the Weather Channel. Weather is fascinating, but wifey begs to differ. She argues that a quick précis including wet or dry and cold or hot is sufficient, and tells me she couldn’t care less about pressure systems and ocean currents. I love to play with my barometers (including an eighteenth century English brass one), thermometer, hygrometer, rain gauge, and my other weather instruments, but I usually have to be alone to devote any time to them. It’s antisocial, or so I’m told. The telescope is antisocial too, but then I can play with that late at night.

Nancy and I like to watch real estate shows together. We are constantly updating our place and Nancy uses whatever good ideas she finds to keep the house at Palm Beach looking fresh. Of course, I end up paying for it. Constant renovation keeps her busy and it’s an artistic outlet too. Nancy is very creative, and so are the designers, architects, and engineers she employs.

All up, we don’t watch much TV. We listen to classical music when we’re at home and we are Friends of The Art Gallery, of course, and are currently both trustees of The Museum. But our real love is opera and ballet. Performances at The Opera House are what we live for. We love going there. It nourishes the soul to spend time at The Opera House, or so a former Premier used to often say after his third glass of champagne during the interval. The views are spectacular from The Opera House, nestled under The Harbour Bridge, affording a stunningly wide view of The Harbour.

When we attend a performance we make an effort. All those at a premiere will do the same. Nancy will usually wear one of her opera or ballet frocks – she always looks jaw-droppingly sexy – and an accompanying set of jewels. Mr. Eisenberg declared the jewellery safe he made for us to be “unblowable” when he put it in, and that was enough for us.

Swan Lake is on my agenda at the moment. TV just can’t compete.

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