Profundity Is Improved By Using Big Words

“I’ve been thinking about the finals.”

“The final eight?”

“Yes, the final eight. I hate that system. So I’ve been thinking about how to improve it.”

“It’s eight footy teams which play each other in the finals. What do you mean improve it?”

“It’s unfair.”

“So it needs improving?”


“And you’re going to improve it, are you?”

“Why not? The way things are it has to change.”

“But how can you change it?”

“How can anyone change anything? That’s not a reason to give up. I mean, that’s not a reason to not even try, which is closer to what you seem to be advocating.”

“I’m not suggesting you don’t even try. It’s laudable that you have thought about this and that you care and that you’ve come up with an alternative. But do other people think that an alternative is necessary? I’m not sure I do.”

“They need to have it explained to them.”

“There are a lot of good ideas which are never adopted, ever, by anyone, and they would work just fine, if they were adopted, but some man with a beard who wears a jumper with baked beans stains on it and smokes a pipe has come up with the idea and for that reason no-one listens, and for that reason no-one will take him, or the idea, seriously.”

“That’s unfair. I don’t have a beard.”

“You could get a haircut.”

“When did this become about my hair?”

“It wouldn’t hurt. You could shave too.”

“You’ve just changed the subject.”

“No I haven’t.”

“Well, there must be a point you were making then. Just then. What was it? And what relevance did the beard aside have?”

“That wasn’t an aside was it? I’d call that an allusion.”

“An illusion more like. You’re changing the subject again. Or refusing to change it back.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.”


“Yes. That’s exactly what you’re doing.”

“OK. I was saying that people like you, well-meaning but ordinary people, can’t make the powers that be change things.”

“But that’s exactly how it happens sometimes.”

“Sometimes. I suppose. Yes, sometimes.”

“So we should always try. Whatever we believe in. Whether it’s the structure of the footy finals or the voting system we use or how income tax is collected. We should always try. If we have an idea. We should always try.”

“Nothing wrong with trying.”

“See. It’s just having a go. That’s what we do, isn’t it. We have a go.”

“You shouldn’t expect results though.”

“If you have a go, if you stand up for what you believe in, and they don’t listen, you just have to try harder.”

“See, this is what I mean. Some people will try and fail. People fail at things. It’s what humans do. Some humans sometimes succeed at some things. Some humans struggle and their struggle results in change. Most don’t though. Most struggle and work and they can’t even get anyone to pay them any attention. They fail, like humans do. We all fail.

“But if you try, really try. A lack of success means you haven’t tried hard enough. You’ve got one last effort.”

“No, that’s not right. People fail more than they succeed. If you want to change the world then that’s good. If your blueprint for a different world would mean that we all lead better, more meaningful lives then that’s even better. But it probably won’t work. Revolutions tend to backfire and become skewed and end up a long way away from their goals. But it’s almost impossible to get a revolution going anyway.”

“I’m not talking about a revolution.”

“Yes you are. A tiny little one.”

“All changes are revolutions then?”


“That’s overblown and stupid. You’re obscuring your own point now. When I put one pair of shoes on in the morning and not another that is not a revolution. When I buy a pie rather than a curry for lunch that is not a revolution. And you know that. You know I’m right.”

“I’m not talking about which lunch you have. This one or that one? The decision you make. No. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about decisions. Decisions lead to changes and changes mean life changes course. It may change course a long way and it may only slightly change course, but I’m talking about quitting the job you hate, because you hate it, and I’m talking about asking the woman who works behind the counter in the pie shop if she’s doing anything this evening. These are situations where you can be daring. They are little revolutions. The consequences may be great if you go through these courses of action. Even a knockback from the pie woman will cause ripples of consequences. These are the types of choice I’m talking about. All choices have some result, but I’m talking about where there is an option to do nothing and there is an option to take a chance.”

“Taking a chance is a revolution?”


“And most revolutions fail to get going or end up betraying their ideals?”

“Also correct.”

“And you’ve got your hand on it quite a bit right now.”

“I’ve heard this allegation before, yes.”

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  1. Sweet stuff. I would byline this as: Baked Beans.

    • Thank you very much. I shall.

  2. I like this. That is all. Well, it’s not all but it will do for now 🙂

    • Ooh, the possibility of more? Thanks for reading. And thanks for commenting.

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