On The Back Of A Packet Of Drum

Smoking Causes Peripheral Vascular Disease. I’m sure this is very bad. But I don’t really know what it is. The picture on the pack of tobacco is of a gangrenous foot. Perhaps gangrene and vascular disease are connected. That would make sense. But I can’t be sure. There’s no documentary about vascular disease on the TV tonight and by the time a documentary on that comes along I may have forgotten that I wanted to know more about the subject (and the connection, if any, with gangrene). But I expect I’ll never know now. I’ll never think of it again. The topic is just closed.

In the pub there was a roar. Laughter in the background. She sounded happy, on the phone. I tensed up, and relaxed, and then tensed again. I could relax. So I relaxed.

I read the whole anti-smoking warning on the tobacco pack, and gangrene is one of the possible results of vascular disease. Just as I thought. Just as I think I thought. As I thought I was thinking. That settled the matter. Another trivia competition answer taken care of. Now relax.

Next, learn American state capitals again and compile a list of composers’ first names. The big trivia competition which will transform our lives is coming. One day. Without warning. Be prepared.

Now relax. A bit. Now breathe.

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