In The Lunch Room, Waiting For The Toasted Sandwich Maker

“Questions often become accusations. No questions, how about that?”

“That’s a question.”

“I know. Let’s make it the last one, for a while.

“OK. Done.”

“There was something I wanted to run past you.

“Fine. Go for it. Just, let’s not make it another one of those things that starts out jokey and turns into an argument because we can’t agree on which is the best Domino’s side dish.”

“No, that wasn’t the plan.”

“‘Cause I’m not in the mood for another one of those.”

“Don’t worry. It won’t happen. Not that that type of conversation happens on purpose usually, but anyway.”

“Yes, but you can see it coming. It appears on the horizon and it casts a very long shadow and when you’re in the shadow phase you can do something about it to stop it. Before it starts, if that makes sense.”

“It does. But both of those in the conversation, both interlocutors, have to do something. It’s hard to stop a conversation on your own.”

“No it isn’t. Nice word by the way. I expect you’re proud of that one.”

“That was almost a question.”

“Ah, but it wasn’t though.”

“No. Well done.”

“I disagree actually. One person can stop a conversation. Just stop talking.”

“It’s a bit rude.”

“Yes, it is a bit rude, but if it averts a shouting much or a difference of opinion then perhaps a little bit of collateral damage, in a temporary sense, to the harmony in the moment is preferable to more serious damage done to the friendship.”

“Averts is good.”

“Yes, it is. But we don’t need to congratulate each other on being able to speak English.”

“Fair enough. I just like words.”

“So do I. So much I use them to communicate.”

“You don’t have to be smart.”

“Not being smart. Just being silly. Don’t take everything the wrong way.”

“It can be hard sometimes, talking to you.”

“I’m not going to take that the wrong way either. We’re having a robust discussion.”

“A robust discussion about nothing.”

“Some of the best discussions are about nothing. Just talking can be enjoyable. Talking with an old, very handsome, not quite so old friend. A conversation between very handsome old friends who are both youthful and vigorous.”

“Including yourself in this compliment, I see. Vigorous makes it sound like we have arthritis in our knees.”

“Spirited then.”

“That’s worse. Sprightly would have been the next step. At least you didn’t say that. You don’t get described as sprightly unless you’re in your nineties.”

“Hard to argue there. Cheeky and playful and a bit naughty and having a bit of rule breaking in us, still, after all these years is what I was getting at.”

“We still sound like we should be setting off together in a caravan and not coming back for a year. We aren’t that old.”

“We aren’t old at all.”

“Then why did you say spirited?”


“Oh. I’m sorry. Thought you’d crack first. Can’t believe I let a question slip out. That wasn’t accusatory, though, clearly.”

“No. No indeed it wasn’t, but I beat you.”

“Not that it was a game. It wasn’t supposed to be. Some adults can merely interact, enjoy each other’s company, spend time together. Some adults don’t need a winner.”

“Consider your interlocutor chastened.”

“Well done.”

“Yeah, I liked that one. You said you wanted to talk about something.”

“I’ve forgotten what it was. It’ll keep.”

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  1. as inane as this conversation may be its given me a good laugh … why can’t there be people like you guys in my world LOL!

    • Possibly not so entertaining if you were forced to overhear it.

  2. OOPPS sorry i asked a question ‘D

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