Planning The Expedition

It’s early.


I’m sorry. I thought you were awake.

I am. Just.

It’s early.


And I have to go soon.


I do. I have to go.

No. Don’t go.

In a few minutes.

Don’t go. Stay.

It’s OK.

Then leave that bit.

My right hand?

Yes. Leave that bit. And I can hold onto it.

OK. I’ll leave that bit.

So, I’m going in a few minutes.


Everything’s alright. I’ll be back soon. I’m going to walk down the street, and maybe see the friendliest dog in the suburb, and possibly I’ll have to wipe spider webs away from my eyes, you know how much I love doing that, and I’m going to arrive at the station, and see the sour faced girls, you know who I mean?

The sisters.

Are they sisters? I suppose so. They look the same. They look like drawings of Alice in Wonderland by Sir John Tenniel. Does that make sense? They’re two quite attractive women, but they have this expression. As if those drawings had come to life and were walking and talking. Their faces look all strange somehow.

Strangely, I know exactly what you mean.

You do? Oh, that’s good.

I love you.

And I have grown partial to you too, my dear.

And then what?

And then on the train with the mad young man who talks gibberish.

He says the same thing, again and again, you know.

What? In a sort of loop?

Yeah, listen carefully to him.

I will. And then nothing. Reading. Get off the train. Go to work. Boring work. Get through the day and come home to you.

That’ll be nice.

Yes, it will.


No, I really have to go.

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  1. Ha! Great absurdist piece!

  2. I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award, if you want to accept the award check my blog

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