Story Planning On The Run – Something About A Village

There was a village, and in that village there were quirky characters, although hopefully not the kind which populate Australian movies which try too hard, and not much happened in the village, which made the characters quirkier, which they needed to be from a story point of view, as otherwise not much by way of action was ever likely to occur, and they were also quirky because, logically, living in a village where not much happens leaves room for eccentricities to form and grow and to be allowed to thrive as there aren’t frequent intrusions from the outside world, whether that’s the big smoke or the neighbouring village which is surprisingly similar, but just with harder working, more bland residents, who have some sort of tourist attraction on their doorstep, like a wildlife park or a something else with some danger in it, and occasionally things go wrong and a rhino breaks out and someone gets injured, and maybe the small hospital is closed for cleaning or something in the other village and so they are forced to bring the injured man to the village we’re concerned with, and the only doctor is away fishing at the river, and he has some sort of unusual personal problem, like he’s addicted to some sort of unexpected drug, which could mean plot twists of a bizarre nature, as the doctor knows members of a bikie gang who are also involved in drugs, or maybe he used to be an addict, perhaps that sounds safer, but still quirky, and he wishes his old bikie mates would leave him alone, but they just show up sometimes and he has to be hospitable, and that’s why he, the doctor, is a bit of a fishing fanatic, he needs something in his life to be fanatical about, and when they find the doctor he applies a bit of homespun wisdom and some big city jokes, which are at odds with the sensibility of the other residents of the village and their sense of humour, but the doctor trained in the city and is having trouble settling into country life, and didn’t I say there weren’t frequent intrusions from the outside world, and I even nominated a rhino attack victim from the other village, so we can forget the doctor with the former substance abuse problem, who may or may not live in the village, as he just might not be very important from a story point of view if the fellow villagers are strange and yet warm enough to sustain our interest. The villagers might all be involved in smuggling something, although that would imply influence from the outside world, or they might produce some sort of luxury item which other people want, people from the outside world, and I was thinking about jewellery or at least shiny precious stones which some from the ground, but wouldn’t it be more fun if this village was the only village in the area which produced truffles, and nobody from outside can work out why truffles only come from this place, and they try to produce their own but that won’t work, and the villagers keep their truffle harvesting a secret, and they lie to each other, within the village, about how they can always produce not just truffles, but such good ones and in such abundance, and it is a secret even from most villagers, but in reality those who are in the know don’t really know how it works either and there is a geriatric pig named Antoine who finds all the truffles, and no other pigs have ever been able to find any, and the owner of the land where Antoine lives, the land where all the truffles are found, the richest man in the village and a kind of de facto organised crime boss, who never does anything much wrong but just has a finger in several pies, he is privately worried about the future of his business and his farm and his village as the pig is getting very old, and he has fears for the future. And perhaps he has an incompetent but well-meaning son who is very friendly, in contrast to the dad who is a grumpy older man. And maybe the son learns something, and he saves the village and farm and business, and he befriends the pigs and he is friends with the big city doctor, see, he’s back, and that’s the key to working this whole thing out.

Not sure if this could work. Probably not, but fun to think aloud like that.

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  1. I like the way your mind works but you should be careful: someone will steal your stuff, man.

  2. Stealing … on the internet!

    Thanks for the advice. I just try to write something. Anything. Most days, if possible. It’s mostly fairly silly or of limited interest to other pople – or both.

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