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It’s the day after the day after Boxing Day, and the cricket has just ended disappointingly early. Naturally thoughts turn, in circumstances such as these, to tinkering with one’s blog. And that tinkering has confirmed what I had long suspected, which is that the theme (or whatever it’s called) I have chosen – while looking the way I wanted it to look  – is not very good … or it’s not very user-friendly, or this is yet another project requiring skills I just don’t have. Or something like that.

It certainly wasn’t easy to add a bio. But there is one now, a short one, lacking information about my sparkling wit and daring conversation; and the best I could come up with was placing it on the side bar, below my very long list of categories[1]. There’s also contact information, should anyone need it.

Apologies to any readers who find this blog difficult to navigate. There is no title page and no list of posts and many other desirable features are also probably lacking. The fault is mine for choosing to go this way when I joined WordPress. Things would be different if I could have known then, but frankly the thought of starting all over again now fills me with a mild form of dread.

There may be more tinkering in future. But I won’t promise anything. Please bear with the limitations of both me and my blog in the meantime. (And the meantime could be a very long time …)

[1] And yes, this list is absurd, absurd enough to give a reasonable reader the impression that I didn’t realise what categories were for, overused them, and then realised I had gone too far only when it was too late to do anything about that realisation.

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  1. Well done you, but just one thing: you couldn’t have placed the bio above your list of tags? I’m sure if it was easy you would have done it but people would be able to find it more easily there… So, hello Philip.

  2. Made another change: calendar at the top, then bio, then tags. Calendar currently intrudes into the field below, but that’s just because December is a month with days spread over 6 weeks. It looks OK. Well, it looks better.

    Yes, how do you do, Jenny? A proper introduction at last.

  3. How do you do? So hope you had a good Christmas and that the New Year will be fabulous for you. Doing much writing or lots of time wasting, comme moi? And back to the question of whether Phil Keenan or Philip Keenan is better, hmmm I don’t know. I like the rhythm syllablarity (?) of Phil Keenan. It’s snappy and works. BUT Philip Keenan works too. It’s got gravitas and authority. You’re lucky, you have a choice.

  4. That’s right: one sounds familiar or unthreatening and the other sounds a bit more formal (gravitas is a good word). I like syllablarity – that should be a word, even if it isn’t. I’ll look it up. Still not sure about the name thing … and this is a question which doesn’t really need an urgent answer, not right now anyway, to be honest.

    Yep, plenty of nothing from me on the writing front. Some ideas for things I want to do, but nothing to show for this kind of thinking. I’ve decided to have a proper go at something big and proper and grown up though. It’s daunting but I have to take the plunge at some point and now feels like the right time. Back to work for me tomorrow (at the job they pay me for), which means back to my regular routines, and actually getting things done.

    Not much from you either? I thought you wrote something about house sitting for a friend who doesn’t have internet and the writing opportunities that would present.

    My Christmas-New Year period has been good. No complaints at all. Hope yours was good too.

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