SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton (January 7)

Reluctant Return To Work

Email is what I always have to look forward to when I get back from holidays. Lots of them. A full inbox. I mean literally. Once my inbox was completely filled up. The IT guy, Omar, was a sweetie about it. It took him all day to fix the problem. Still not sure how it happened and Omar didn’t really want to say much that day – he was understandably busy – but I do try to clear out unimportant messages when I can, now and then. Usually messages from Human Resources and stuff like that. Those emails we get from the big boss in London – I don’t keep them either. Space is an issue, for all of us, and the mail servers don’t need undue pressure exerted on them (or so Tim, Omar’s assistant, told me, under his breath, as his boss was taking my computer apart) – and so I need to be careful that nothing important is lost. I have everything that my Friday night friends have sent for the last two years. We don’t just discuss where we are going for drinks. There’s a whole record of our lives in those emails: relationships, dates, hook-ups, naughty texts from half-remembered guys in late night bars, romantically arid periods, celebrating, parties, eating cheese and drinking bubbles. It’s all in there. We girls tell each other everything, all week long.

And so work started again today. When I say work started, that’s not quite right. Work was there the whole time. The office was anyway. It didn’t vanish just because I went away for a few weeks. And some people actually worked over the Chrissy-New Year period. Poor things. That can’t have been fun. Drinking Moet at Bacall’s Champagne Bar sounds a lot nicer – and it was: I was there a lot with the girls, and I managed not to think about the office and the work we do and IT issues and the projects we have been told will lead to exciting things for the company in 2013. Not at all. I thought about dancing and friends and cute guys with square shoulders wearing Armani. I thought about the warm breeze and the view of the harbour and the possibilities in the room. I thought about meeting someone. I didn’t actually meet someone, but I thought about it. I caught up, of course. Everyone wants to catch up for Christmas. So I saw Damon, and I must admit he’s still got it. I felt a little flutter when first laying eyes on him, but was all business after that. Always a little weird to spend time with an ex, but I think it’s important we stay friends, and he wears a suit so well. He looks like a model, and he has a corner office. But I don’t really think of Damon. Not really. Not much. And I wish him the best.

At work the boss, who I call Jonsey, but who is called Mr Jones by everyone else, or Richard if they get to know him very well, said he’d missed me. I told him I’d missed him too. He said I was a very good Executive Assistant, and I told him it was much more amusing when I could say I was EA to the VP. I asked why he wrecked it by becoming the President. EA to the P makes no sense. He laughed and told me to do some work. I went back to my computer and continued sifting through my emails.

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