SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton no.5, February 4

Birthdays Begin

The first birthday of the year was on Thursday. It was Jonesy and it seemed appropriate, somehow, for the leader to be first. He was just back from meeting some clients in New Zealand; flew in, straight to the office in a taxi, at his desk before Midday. Jonesy works very hard.

I think he’s planning to aggressively intervene in Auckland’s public relations world. We’ve all watched New Zealand’s Next Top Model and the possibilities for a PR company hoping to expand its footprint in the region are obvious. Jonesy has called our Kiwi office “fucking amateur hour” on a few occasions, which is a bit unfair as I often have to deal with Kim and the girls and they’re always friendly and good fun. True, they don’t answer the phone after lunch on Friday and there seem to be an awful lot of local public holidays we can’t find on any official government list, but I don’t think Jonesy has to be quite so harsh. All he will say officially is that Sparky People is planning to shake things up, leveraging some opportunities and tailoring some synergies for a more streamlined outcome, going forward. He says other things when his door is closed though.

He wore such a nice tie on Thursday. Ted Baker. It was dark purple and had a paisley pattern and it matched his lavender shirt. It really brought out the blue in his eyes. And his hair looked like George Clooney’s. He looked so good. It’s a shame he’s single now that Margot has moved to New York. But her opportunity was too good to let go, I guess. I worry about him sometimes, and his moods, but he keeps busy and there are always plans and projects. The company is growing. He can’t sit still.

We introduced Jonsey to Ali the new boy and they chatted for a few minutes. Ali revealed that he is married. A number of women in the board room gasped when he said that. They’d been amusing themselves with little fantasies about getting to know Ali better apparently. He is very polite and his shoes are always shiny, and although he’s small it’s a perfect little package. The dark eyes and cultivated stubble. Yes, I suppose Al’s grown on me a bit too (we’ve started calling him Al now, and he hasn’t objected yet). Nobody thought to ask him about a girlfriend or fiancée. I didn’t catch his wife’s name. They do marry early in some cultures, which is cute, I think.

And then they brought in the cake. It was from my favourite cake shop, The Cupcakery, and I chose it, of course. I always choose the cake when it’s someone’s birthday. It was a Tiramisu and chocolate cake with a ring of profiteroles around the top. All The Cupcakery’s cakes are shaped like cupcakes and so this was one of their large ones – feeds twelve. All the girls were happy with my choice, and Jonsey enjoyed it too, which was the main thing. He blew out a question mark candle (as no-one knows how old he really is) before we sliced it, and he even laughed at the joke.

He flew out again on Friday morning. He’s got meetings all next week in Singapore. I hope he pampers himself over the next few days: maybe a day spa, or whatever men do.

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