SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no.6 February 11

A Lunch Dilemma

It was 12:30 and Kikki had already emailed me about lunch three times. We take our lunch break together and we often talk about what we might get as 1pm approaches. She loves her food, and she seems to be able to eat whatever she likes, the lucky thing – a fast metabolism maybe – but on this day she seemed preoccupied. I guessed that she was bored – I think about lunch when I’m bored at work – but it wasn’t about that at all.

Although we only sit a few metres apart, we chat via email through the day. Kikki is the senior secretary at Sparky People and I’m Executive Assistant to Jonesy, who is the big boss, so she often needs him to sign forms and contracts, and she has to come through me to get to him. That’s how we met. We realised we could work well together and just hit it off straight away. Both of us are passionate about pink lip gloss, silver hair clips, and starving kids in Third World countries. (It was our idea for the office to sponsor Edwin in Zambia, and he’s getting ready to start high school next year.)

So I was in a sushi kind of mood, and it was a Wednesday, and we often try to be good on Wednesdays. Usually we’ll eat something light, with rice, say, or no meat, in the middle of the week. On Monday, and maybe Tuesday, we indulge ourselves a bit to compensate for the working week starting; and on Friday, and maybe on Thursday too, it’s hard to be strict when all you can think about is bubbly and daiquiris and the weekend countdown.

But Kikki wasn’t in the mood for Japanese.  She replied to my suggestion: No, I can’t eat that. Not today. I don’t even like sushi! I hate Japanese food.

This seemed a bit over the top to me, and I knew it wasn’t even true. I wrote: We ate maki rolls just last week. You said they were perfect when you were in the mood for the salty goodness of soy sauce (Kikki is a big fan of Nigella, we both are, and sometimes we talk like Nigella when we discuss food). What’s wrong?

Kikki: Nothing. I’m so hungry, but I can’t think of what to have for lunch. It’s doing my head in.

Me: Come on. It’s OK. We’ll go for a walk, and you’ll see something you like. You could have a baked potato. The ones with sour cream and melted butter, and cheese and bacon, and the chives that they sprinkle on top with the salt and pepper. You love that. We both do. Perfect for a rainy day.

Kikki: Even that doesn’t sound good today. I’m hungry, but I don’t feel like anything. We’ll only get wet if we go outside anyway.

Me: That’s never stopped us before. And you can share my umbrella.

Kikki: I don’t want to now. I’m not hungry.

Me:  Hahahahaha! YES YOU ARE. What’s wrong? How was dinner with Aiden last night? Bet you ate then.

I knew her new boyfriend, the wine merchant who drives an Aston Martin, must have taken her somewhere good. Aiden has great hair, although he seems to need to look at it a lot if there are mirrors around. I had inadvertently found the key to Kikki’s strange mood.

Kikki: We ate at Hugo’s. It was perfect. But he told me he was thinking of giving up gluten. He said I should give it up too. And I don’t want to. Now I wonder about him. I wonder about us.

Me: Don’t worry. He’s just threatened by your fast metabolism. He thinks he’ll get fat if he keeps eating with you.

And this reassured her. She didn’t mind if Aiden put on a few extra kilos, and decided to tell him that. For lunch we ate kebabs with garlic sauce and they were delicious.               

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