SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no.7 February 18

The Gym Round The Corner

Around the corner from the office is a place where some of the ladies from Sparky People work out at lunchtime. It’s called EstroGym and I have been a member for a couple of years, but I’ve never been there. No, that’s a lie: Kikki and I sometimes go there for a Frappuccino if we’ve had a particularly torrid morning. We don’t bring Henry, as it’s a female only gym, and it’s fun to tease him about not being allowed in. Yes, it does seem odd that a business devoted to health and fitness should serve something so sinful, but who are we to question? It’s a creamy and chocolatey lifeline for us if Jonesy is a bit stressed out, and all sorts of things can make Jonsey stressed out.

Kikki said she was thinking of actually using the place as a gym, which surprised me, but she said she wasn’t getting any younger and you either use it or you lose it. It’s not a matter of getting her money’s worth – EstroGym virtually gives memberships away to all the female staff at our office – but, she said, she was thinking that it’s important to look after yourself before you start to slip a bit. I laughed, at first, but thought about what she said. We’re not 22 any more, and it does take longer to make your 24 year-old self look presentable in the morning before leaving the house.

I also knew that Henry had started going to the gym, another gym, and wouldn’t stop talking about it. He told whoever would listen about how many kilometres he was doing on the rowing machine and said he felt like a new man. He showed me his pecs. Several times. So new did he feel that he had decided to change his name again. He now wants to be called Adriano, and he insists it’s legal and he has the documents to prove it. Jonesy thinks this is ridiculous, and he told Henry/Adriano as much. But Jonesy also realises that Henry/Adriano is a very talented strategy executive and he is used to making allowances for his artistic temperament. “What’s he done now?!” Jonesy often says when the latest story filters through to his office. His face goes red in moods like this. But when he calls in Henry he’s perfectly sweet to him. I think he secretly quite likes him. And he said he would call him Adriano from now on (until the next name change anyway), so I suppose I will too.

Lunch being a sacred time for Kikki and I, we decided to arrive at work early and go to the gym then. It’s been very enjoyable so far. And quite exciting. We went shopping for gym clothes, and we got leggings and singlets and pink sports socks. Neither of us had proper trainers, so we had to buy pairs of them too, and spend an obscene amount of money in the process. But it’s fun to spend money on shoes. All women know that.

And the workout? Well that’s fun too! It really is. EstroGym plays songs from the ‘80s and there’s a big window, right on the street, so as we pound treadmill and work on the stair master we can see the lawyers coming and going in their Armani and Boss and Zegna on the way to the Supreme Court. It’s a great way to start the day. We went twice last week.

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