SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no.13 April 2


It’s been a funny kind of Easter. I was sick, sick as a dog in fact, all week. Somehow I made it into work on Monday, feeling all tingly and sort of hot and cold at the same time, and I had to catch the bus in as the Flickamobile was being serviced, so it was hot and stuffy and I was surrounded by strangers and it all felt so much worse, and I practically fell out of the lift doors when I arrived at the office. They sent me home with a Cabcharge – Jonsey waited with me on the street when I told him I couldn’t drive home, and he spoke to the driver and told him to look after me, which was lovely. He really is sweet.

(Incidentally, my mechanic is called Mustapha. He’s a lovely man who always fixes the car for cheap and never asks questions, and who always gives me something from his wife’s kitchen when he gives me my pink slip. You really must try mint Turkish delight if you’ve never tasted it. So yummy!)

So I was at home, and in my pyjamas and on the couch, and that sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Well, it wasn’t. I had a soak in the bath and that only made me start to hyperventilate – I think it was hyperventilating; it certainly got worse when I started worrying about what would happen if I passed out and Patrick, the dentist across the corridor, was the one to discover me. And then I became shivery, despite the fact that I was wearing my warmest pink flannelette grandma pjs. I put on my dressing gown and slippers and I was still cold, so I dragged the Audrey Hepburn doona off my bed and wrapped myself in it, and I couldn’t feel the chill any more but I couldn’t get comfortable and daytime TV didn’t seem worth it anyway. I watched Dr. Oz and The View and they didn’t cheer me up. Even Ellen seemed to lack something. It was really depressing.

I went to bed, and slept. I think that’s what my body needed. I slept a lot over the next few days. By the time that Friday came around I had the energy to go to the corner shop for a strawberry milk and a loaf of white bread (which is naughty, I know, but I tend to indulge a bit when I’m sick). I was feeling much better, but there was nothing to do and everyone was busy when I called my friends to see if anyone was keen to come over and play a board game or catch up on some episodes of My Kitchen Rules with me. They were all going out and doing fabulous things, and I so wished I could go to Bacall’s Champagne Bar, but I was still too weak, and the medication was making me lightheaded. So I stayed in, alone, and watched TV, alone, and promised myself to never take Bacall’s for granted again.

On Sunday there was a knock at the door at 11:30. It was Adriano. He had brought over Easter eggs and his new boyfriend Danny, who is an account manager and wallpaper designer (in his spare time), who also happens to be a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn. Adriano made pancakes while we watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s and later we all ate chocolate. I had a great time and felt much better. Danny is a really nice guy. I approve of him. I told Adriano to be nice.

And now I’m all better, and god it’s good.

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