SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no.14 April 8

Bad News

Cosi left almost two years ago but we’ve never felt like we were apart. Cosi was one of the older girls from the school I went to; we always described them as “the older girls” when we were telling mum about something they’d got up to or a rumour we’d heard about them, and although there were many older girls in the years above us, this small group was the group we were thinking of, because they were a little bit dangerous, more than a bit cool and we wanted to be like them. My sister Arabella was in this group, although she drifted out of it when she became serious about her studies in year 12.

Cosi was always nice to me, when she could have been a bitch, and she and her group mostly tolerated my friends and I because of the connection to Arabella and because Heather and I used to have cigarettes with us.

I met Cosi again one day when I was in first year at uni. She was beautifully dressed, with lovely long nails and her hair was shiny and she was wearing a Prada suit. I had just emerged from a Psychology exam, which I knew I’d failed (because everyone failed Psychology exams – well, all my friends did anyway), and my clothes were second-hand and my scalp was itchy, because there was never enough hot water in the share house where I lived and showers had to be rationed. I was smoking and drinking cheap coffee at a table on the street in a rundown café and looking for jobs in the local paper. Casual jobs. Part-time possibly. Something to bring in some extra cash. Uni life wasn’t easy, and it was getting hard to pay all of my bills.

But Cosi showed me another way. She told me about her public relations work. About Sparky People. She was the reason I ended up finding the industry I love, doing the job I couldn’t imagine living without. She got me an interview (a few days later, after a shower, and this time wearing clean clothes).

And then she left. She left and moved to Brisbane when she was headhunted by the recruitment firm People Inc. We became very close, much closer than she and Arabella had been, much closer than “the older girls” had been to each other when we were all at Redmyre School together. Cosi was a mentor, of sorts, a big sister and a constant bad influence whenever we went out after work. Sometimes she was a bad influence at work too. She and Dean, who was the CFO, had a thing together. They were never quite an item. But Cosi would often go into Dean’s office and close the door, and they would be in there for a little while. For long enough, if you understand what I’m saying. She also tried to seduce a work experience boy, who admittedly was very mature for his age, but when his mother complained to Jonesy, Cosi was given a warning about her behaviour. It didn’t stop the Christmas party that year being crazy though. Cosi kissed most of the men, and there were other incidents too, in several places at Bacall’s Champagne Bar later in the evening. At the end of it she seemed satisfied: she had set out to have a good time, and succeeded.

Cosi introduced me to Damon, my ex, and she constantly urged me to find new ways to have fun with new people. And by people, she meant men. I mostly resisted, but I should say that she taught me most of what I know, which is quite a lot.

We promised each other we’d stay in touch when she left. And we did. She constantly sends me reports about footballers she has recently met and politicians who have shown her the interiors of their private offices.

Her most recent text message frightened me though. I’ve often worried about Cosi, but this was different. She’s getting married.

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