SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no. 20 May 27

The Biggest Challenge

Cheryl from accounts loves birthdays. She gets all excited when it’s someone’s birthday in the Sparky People office and she loves organising the parties which Jonesy always complains about but never refuses to pay for. Cheryl loves working out exactly what sort of cake will suit the birthday boy or girl. She never gets it wrong. She’s a kind of Birthday Whisperer or should that be a Cake Whisperer? No, that’s silly. But you know what I mean. (I hope you do.) Cheryl has got a gift.

She is even more thrilled when it’s her own birthday, and I must say I like that. I hate it when people are secretive about their birthday and don’t want to celebrate it at the office. Everybody loves a party – or they should – and it’s rude, in a funny way, to stop all the other people in the office from having their celebration if you decide to be all private about it. But some people are like that. That’s just how they are, I suppose, and it doesn’t make me angry or anything. I just feel disappointed. I want to give them a big hug and ask them what pressies they’ve got and what they’ll be getting and whether their partner will be doing anything special for them. All that. I love it.

The problem, and it’s a fun problem to have to deal with, is when it’s Cheryl’s birthday. It’s not fair for her to organise her own party, so Kikki and I, and anyone else who wants to help, try to make her party as good as the parties Cheryl organises for other people. Taylah and Minnie helped us this time around, and in fact all the accounts executives would have helped, but some of the girls were needed to mind the store, as Jonesy says. All the girls in accounts are executives. First they were all account managers, and because they managed accounts of different clients they decided that this made them management. And as management they decided that they really should be executives. Well, Cheryl decided. She’s in charge of the accounts girls. Jonesy is a bit scared of her, I think. He doesn’t really understand what they do and he has told me how much he relies on Cheryl. He lets her get her way usually and he grumbled a bit but finally agreed that the account managers should become executives. So now they are. Jonesy calls the accounts girls “the coven”, when Cheryl’s not around (he says they’re evil and reckons they fly around on broomsticks). I think Cheryl likes Jonesy, you know, in that way, and that complicates this whole story a bit too. There’s sexual tension between them, although I’m not sure if Jonesy knows there is. It’s not exactly electric, but it’s there. I know these things.

Anyway, back to the birthday. Sorry, I became a bit distracted! The party planning committee carefully examined a brochure from the Cupcakery and we ended up ordering a large cake from their Star Sign collection. Cheryl is a Gemini, and so we got a cake for her sign. The cake was called Feisty Twins and I must say it was delicious. We put up decorations in the boardroom. Pink streamers and pink balloons – who doesn’t like pink? – even men do now – and Cheryl loved it. Jonesy said a few words and she watched his mouth as he spoke and I watched her watching him. Jonesy said we all love Cheryl, and she blushed a bit. She definitely did. God, it was exciting!

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