SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appletone, no. 24 June 25

The Story

Let me tell you a story. It’s about what happened to me on the way to work on Monday and it’s worth telling somebody. (In fact I’ve already told everybody I know but this story needs a bigger audience.)

Here goes.

I woke up late, which happens, and I try not to beat myself up about it, and so I was in a hurry. That’s not a problem though, because I can have a shower in seven minutes. A good shower cap is needed for this. The one that mum and dad brought me back from Bloomingdale’s in New York is really excellent. Out of shower with dry hair – perfect. Then makeup – that BB from Garnier does the job pretty well.

I only just made the bus, hot and sweaty by then, despite the morning being cold and windy and horrible. It cheered me up to see the Lisa Ho leopard print skirt I was wearing in the shiny windows of cars, but all  I could think about was how late I might be for a very big meeting. But I made it. Feeling flustered, but I was there and I knew it was all under control. Until I looked in my purse and realised my bus pass was gone – the last trip used up when I travelled to the Zoo with my nephews on the weekend – and, and … I had no money in my purse either. It was awful!

“This is embarrassing,” I said to the bus driver. “You know me, don’t you? I often catch this bus.” He wasn’t listening. “Oh, please,” I said. “I’ll buy two fares on the way home.”

And then a voice said: “Let me pay for you.” It was a dark-haired, green eyed man who looks shorter but much more handsome in real life than he does on TV. It was my local member, Angus Jellicoe, and he was travelling on the bus with a group of reporters so they could take photos of him speaking with commuters – you know, ordinary people. Classic PR strategy. Humanise the man and make him look seem less like an economics text book. He’s going to be the Treasurer, you know, when they get back into government. And Mr. Jellicoe has my vote, I can tell you. He’s gorgeous. And he gave me his business card – which Adriano reckons he does whenever he meets anyone.

The photographers took photos of us, Angus (he said to call him Angus) and me, and they said the pictures would be in the paper. Reporters asked me some questions and I managed to mention that Sparky People is the largest PR firm in the southern hemisphere, which made Jonesy happy.

After I got off in the city I was still in a rush. It’s a five minute walk. In that five minutes it started to rain and a man invited me to share his umbrella with him as we crossed the road. His name was Ivan and he said he worked at the Bulgarian Embassy and he invited me to a reception next week. At the next crossing, I hurried and tripped on the curb and was about to fall face first onto the footpath when a man caught me. He was an older man, and he said, “You really must be careful, my dear. Pretty thing like you”. Then he gave me a bunch of lilies he was holding (they smelled divine!) and said he hoped I had a good day.

And when I got into the lift, I started talking to a man, as you do. I told him the whole story. He turned out to be the important client Jonesy was meeting, and, well, I’ll just say Jonesy’s meeting had a favourable outcome as well.

It was an amazing day.

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