Eyes To See

At first, a faint stirring. A thought more than a feeling. A thought outside the brain, as if the body could do the thinking. An instinct. A reaction. A basic thought communicating excitement and danger and making the heart beat a little faster. A sharp intake of breath, unnoticed, except that it followed a period where there had been no breaths at all, producing lightheadedness, and breath was too sharp, producing a kind of dizzy reaction, and so the result was a momentary loss of balance and feeling of confusion. But the confusion and the dizziness and loss of equilibrium were not all physical and visceral and bodily felt and experienced. No, there was momentary but rather strong disorientation. The eyes saw and the brain processed but the mind was jumping all over the place, attempting to draw conclusions, to understand, or even to make some sense, but it couldn’t as it was all happening too fast and there was overload and it was glorious, oh it was indeed splendid and shining and bright and sleek, and it caused a tingle. Tingling all over. The body and the brain again, fighting to comprehend, retreating into experience. And she was beautiful and he couldn’t believe it but he knew that she was beautiful and that was what he knew and that was all he needed to know and he repeated to himself that she was beautiful and that she was right there and he didn’t know what else to do, but he kept repeating. And he smiled. And she smiled too. And she was beautiful.

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  1. This is beautiful indeed! 🙂

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